Mishorim Real Estate Investments
Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, and Commercial Areas in Israel, the USA and Canada
Mishorim Real Estate Investment Ltd. is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Mishorim invests in real estate   including both commercial and office buildings in Israel and the US. Together with partners, the company owns properties with a total area of approximately 244 thousand square meters. In addition, Mishorim is the controlling shareholder of Skyline Investments

Mishorim's Vision

As a leading international real estate group active in several countries, we aim to generate passive income flows for our shareholders at relatively low risk. Our company merges business creativity with a focus on establishing income-generating platforms that improve our properties while steadily providing high returns.


Mishorim Newsletter

Commercial shopping centers  in
5 states:  Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Nevada and North Carolina

Total asset area of 78,000 sq.m.

USA Real Estate Investment

Office buildings and
commercial properties
in the Gush Dan region.

Total asset area of 26,000 sq.m.

Israel Real Estate Investment

Operates hotels, resorts, communities 
and land development in Canada and the US

Skyline Investments Holding

(50% Ownership)

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Haifa's Innovation Center

With a rare world class protpolio of invsetment real estate, MISHORIM is a public company traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. With a 30 year track record of accomplishment, over 800 million $ in asset, over 2.6 million sq feet of real estate and a BBB+ stable bond rating by S&P in some of the strong real estate markets in the world ... This is MISHORIM.

Israeli firm to buy SunTrust parking garage in downtown Miami for $18M

Crocker Partners plans to sell a parking garage near the SunTrust International Center in downtown Miami to Tel Aviv-based Mishorim Development Group for $18.5 million, according to documents filed with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Mishorim Investments News

Lynnhaven North shopping center is now owned by Mishorim
Lynnhaven North, a shopping center next to one of the region's largest shopping malls, is under new ownership. Richmond-based Mishorim Gold Properties recently bought the Virginia Beach center. It's investing $9.2 million in renovations and upgrades to the property, which was bank owned.
Saints QB Drew Brees Opening Surge Adventure Park at Regency Court

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is the name behind the Surge Adventure Park opening in Regency Court Shopping Center in Jacksonville. “Surge is a place that brings families together and is fun for kids of all ages,” Brees said.