About Mishorim

Mishorim Real Estate Investment Ltd. is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Mishorim invests in real estate including both commercial and office buildings in Israel and the US. Together with partners, the company owns properties with a total area of approximately 190 thousand square meters. 

In addition, Mishorim is the controlling shareholder in Skyline Investments Inc. Skyline owns and operates leading hotels and vacation resort properties in Canada and the USA. Furthermore, Skyline holds land reserves of about 3,000 units and over 13,600 acres for development and improvement. 

Mishorim's investment strategy focuses on locating rental properties with great improvement potential and optimizing the performance and positioning of the income property, thereby creating added value.

Mishorim is owned jointly between Alex Shnaider and Gil Blutrich have joint control over the company, and the company's bonds are rated BBB + / Stable by Maalot S & P.

Mishorim's Management Team

Mishorim's Strategy


Mishorim Real Estate Investments

Commercial shopping centers in 5 states: Florida, Alabama, 
Virginia, Nevada 
and North Carolina
Total asset area of
  78,000 sq.m.

Real Estate Investment

Office buildings and
commercial properties
in the Gush Dan region.
Total asset area of
26,000 sq.m.

Real Estate Investment

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Operates hotels,
resorts, communities
and land development
in Canada and the US

Investments Holding

(50% Ownership)

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